JoWo – Com s.r.o. successfully completed the IFS-HPC (International Featured Standards – Household and Personal Care Products) certification by TÜV-Nord on November 26/27, 2019.

Investments and employee training in all areas are continuous processes that are to be checked and constantly driven forward.

JoWo – Com s.r.o. specializes in the packaging and filling of liquid and powdery substances, as well as in mixing of liquid and powdery substances and is the contact for customers when they need a special solution. In many cases we offer the answer to a problem in the implementation of a project and actively support the customer.

Quality is the absolute principle and the basis for all areas of JoWo – Com s.r.o. – companies cannot exist without a functioning solution. For this reason, a high and continuously increasing quality is fundamental in all areas.

This also means that we face the constantly changing and growing requirements of our customers and work consistently with the entire team to improve quality. After all, our customers set the standard and thus the basis for quality. Their judgment about our quality and performance is decisive for us.

In order to achieve customer satisfaction, it is ensured that quality and safety-related activities are consistently planned, controlled and monitored. Each individual employee contributes to safeguarding our standards – at all levels – through their personal performance. Quality has no hierarchy. Every employee is called upon and obliged on the one hand to approach and carry out their tasks carefully and conscientiously, and on the other hand to contribute to improving quality through their own ideas and suggestions.

In our organization, customers and employees are the central elements that represent motivation and the opportunity for improvement.

The customer is the focus throughout the company – close contact and professional service are required. We consider the satisfaction of our customers, which we experience directly through personal support, to be one of the most important quality indicators.

Our employees are consistently involved in continuous improvement, be it in the elaboration, creation and implementation of necessary measures as well as in identifying them. Every employee is called upon to submit any suggestions for improvement to quality management department and to the management, which then take care of central control for efficient implementation within the framework of a quality circle.

An essential point is the avoidance of errors or the recognition of weak points and, subsequently, the commitment to reduce recurring defects. The management strives to take a wide variety of measures to promote continuous improvement. This also includes investments of all kinds. Be it to optimize processes or to increase quality, productivity and safety through new technologies and innovations.

The quality in the company and its progress is measured and determined on the basis of goals. These are examined annually by the management and appropriate measures are taken to increase or achieve them.

The increase in quality is accompanied by a high level of security in the company. This is decisive for achieving the goals. It is important to minimize all risks in the company and to design workplaces and processes in such a way that all persons involved, such as employees, suppliers, visitors, customers, partners, etc. are exposed to the lowest possible risk.

Another part of our management system is that we attach great importance to environment. Our employees are informed about the corresponding consequences of their actions.

We operate largely in the chemical industry. Accordingly, a consistently responsible way of working with regard to our environment on the part of the company and our employees is important to us.

In this regard, and with regard to the safety in our organization, our standards are continuously checked and, as in the quality management system, necessary measures are initiated by the management in order to achieve continuous improvement in the areas of safety and the environment. The management also undertakes to take the necessary legal compliance measures.

For the functionality of the entire system and the adherence to, achievement or improvement of our goals and standards, the cooperation of all employees is a basic requirement. Only by “pulling together” it is possible to keep a continuous improvement process alive.

The pursuit of common goals in a harmonious work environment, and thus the contribution of each employee, is probably the most important basis. For this, play i. a. the department heads play a decisive role as they are the direct contact persons for our employees. The management attaches great importance to the maintenance and further development of quality, safety standards and a healthy environmental awareness and undertakes to support them and to initiate and implement the necessary measures.