About us

JoWo – Com s.r.o was founded in 1994. The company’s headquarters were in Třebnice, approx. 20 km from the Furth im Wald border crossing with Germany. 15 employees were used for light packaging work.

Our service, quality and flexibility enabled us to expand the company. Cramped conditions and an increasing number of orders forced us to move to Kdyně in 1997. Kdyně is about 30 km from the Furth im Wald border crossing and has a very good infrastructure.

Our company now employs 110 employees on a 10,000 m² production area. Over 35,000 m² of storage space, partly heated, enables us to provide sensitive materials both for production and for temporary storage.

Furthermore, we employ over 30 people as suppliers.

Complex manufacturing systems, just in time, can-ban deliveries require a strong organization supported by our own vehicle fleet.

A strong PPS (production planning system) department and comprehensive quality control enable us to ensure national and international requirements.

On November 26/27, 2019, we successfully completed the IFS-HPC (International Featured Standards- Household and Personal Care Products) certification by TÜV-Nord.